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Food Hygiene Group Products

Model: 99999
The product is a strong oxidant effective substance. It has bleaching property. It is used on critical and semi-critical units...
Model: 9999
It is an amine-based tape lubricant...
Model: 9999
It is a concentrated dishwashing liquid with a strong degreasing feature used in hand dishwashing. It easily cleans all the dirt on the dishes in all water conditions and temperatures. It does not contain phosphate. It can be rinsed easily and leaves a pleasant odour. It does not leave any stain..
Model: 9999
It is an alcohol based foot mat solution...
Model: 9999
It is a highly concentrated product containing 23% glutaraldehyde that provides cleaning of surfaces, walls, floors and instruments and equipment made of sensitive metals, surgical instruments and endoscopic devices in a hospital environment...
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