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Ethical Values

Universal Kimya San. Tic. A.Ş. considers commitment to principles of work ethics in all work processes and relations, and as part of a corporate culture.

Our policies of work life with a history of 30 years were specified as principles of work ethics by making into written form.

Universal Kimya has set off with the principle of “Fair Trade” since its establishment and continues without compromise to this policy, keeps its fair image, and is intent upon practicing of this policy by its employees in the same. No one in Universal Kimya, whatever their position is, can go against this policy and is required to adopt the following principles.

• Integrity, fairness, justice and compliance with generally accepted ethics in our commercial activities,

• Not to harm the environment during our commercial activities and minimize the harm in compulsory situations,

• Protect the rights of employees and treat them fair,

• Abide by equity principle in wage, promotion and assignments of employees,

• Not to act contrary to human dignity and personal rights towards the employees and not to condone such acts,

• Not to compromise from quality in goods and service sales,

• Ensure highest level of customer satisfaction,

• Not to sell defective and faulty goods, to recall if sold, • Not to make false promises in sales and promotion of goods and services,

• Not to enter into unfair competition,

• Be reliable,

• Act with team spirit,

• Create value for the customer by keeping the quality at the forefront through flexible and responsible employees.